About Us

Mold formation in any place is truly unnoticeable. Not everyone knows that there is a better way to clean it and that there are people who can actually clean it and stop them from growing. Cleaning molds and mildew by treating the surfaces that were contaminated is a daunting job that homeowners cannot do on their own. This is one reason why we are here. Airflow Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Hills AZ have technicians to provide help when it is due. The methods we use to remove the molds differ from one case to another. That is because of the kind of mold that is present in the property and what are the effects of the mold on the surfaces of the material. 

You can call us for help. We will make sure that the property will be completely treated for molds. Airflow Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Hills AZ have a personalized mold inspection device and the mold cleaning method will be followed afterwards. That is what we do to get rid of the contaminants in the area. We have mold test options too like the air-o- cell test & the swabbing tests where we get the samples to be able to know the kinds of molds present in the property. As soon as the source has been detected, we will formulate a removal plan that includes containment of the area to limit the spreading of molds and to prevent them from spreading to other parts of the property. 

We are not just your air duct cleaners, we offer other services to help you live in a place that is clean and free from contaminants.  We specialize in getting rid of molds too aside from cleaning the air ducts.  We have mold specialists that will take care of your concern. Airflow Air Duct Cleaning Fountain Hills AZ only use HEPA vacuums to get rid of the molds in every affected part of the property. The HEPA vacuums have filters that were made to catch even the microbes that cannot be seen by the human eye and may pass through a typical vacuum filter.  If you are interested, you need to call us up and our booking officer will do the necessary arrangement so the technician can come and inspect your property and the scope of the job.